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     Nursing focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of human responses to actual or potential health problems. The roles of the nurse change based on health care needs including provider of care, teacher, advocate, leader, manager, and researcher. The uniqueness of the profession of nursing is found in the synthesis of natural and social sciences, humanities, arts and nursing theory as applied to health responses. Nursing is the process of goal-oriented action that assists the person/client toward the attainment, maintenance, and resolution of health, independence, equilibrium, and higher levels of consciousness. Through caring, professional nurses enact the uniqueness of nursing and their conviction that nursing practice can make a difference in health of individuals, families, aggregates or cultures.

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     Baccalaureate education fosters an increased sense of professionalism as a highly qualified nurse. The faculty program enable positive attitudes toward lifelong learning, equip the learner with professional behaviors and knowledge needed to meet the health needs of a diverse community as well as graduate education. Faculty strive to prepare practitioners who articulate a personal framework for practice, deliver nursing care in an accountable fashion, demonstrate skills in critical thinking, communication, and therapeutic nursing intervention, collaborate effectively with others in the ethical delivery of quality health care, and contribute proactively to the nursing profession and to society. In an effort to foster learning, faculty assume the roles of advisor, resource person, facilitator, and professional role model. Faculty is advocates of students, the profession, the university, and society and serves as liaisons between nursing education, practice, and administration.


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